Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theatre announced

Infogrames unveils its upcoming sequel to its World War II squad-based shooter.

Infogrames has announced Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theatre, its upcoming sequel to the World War II squad-based shooter Deadly Dozen, which was released in November 2001. The new game will let players control 12 new soldiers in a series of battles throughout the Pacific, including Rabul, New Guinea, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Like its predecessor, the new game will give players a mission objective, and it will be up to players to create a plan to accomplish their goals. Players will choose from a pool of soldiers with a variety of different abilities such as sniping, lock picking, explosives, and first aid. The player's squad will have access to a number of different weapons including the Colt 45 pistol, M1 Garand, Thompson MI, M1903A sniper rifle, BAR, flamethrower, and bazooka, while the enemies will be armed with Nambu automatic pistols, Arisaka bolt-action rifles, Type 99 light machine guns, and samurai swords.

In addition to the game's single-player missions, Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theatre will include both deathmatch and cooperative multiplayer modes. The game is in development at Nfusion Interactive, the New Jersey-based game studio that created the previous game, and it is scheduled for release later this year.

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