Dead to Rights confirmed for PSP

It's official: Namco's vigilante cop is shrinking down to Sony's handheld this summer; first screens and details inside.


Keen-eyed visitors to last week may have noticed it featured a product page for a new game, Dead to Rights: Reckoning for the PSP. The listing was news to most, as Namco hadn't officially announced its existence or any details. Gamers who want to do some sleuthing and uncover the game's existence can rest easy now--Namco today officially announced that Reckoning will shoot up PSPs this summer.

Reckoning is the third Dead to Rights title, and second on a handheld after a dismal Game Boy Advance attempt. Unlike the Torus-developed Dead to Rights for the GBA, Namco won't pawn off the development to an outside publisher. It is instead publishing it internally as it did with the console versions.

Hero Jack Slate returns with his canine sidekick, Shadow, to the mean streets of Grant City. Just before an investigation of a major crime lord can get under way, the case's primary informant is kidnapped. Realizing the importance of the abducted's testimony, Jack bends the rules and goes after him solo.

Reckoning will feature new weapons and disarming maneuvers, and it will give Jack greater control over Shadow. The PSP version will also feature head-to-head multiplayer action over the handheld's integrated wireless capabilities.

No pricing or rating information has been given yet.