Dead Rising 3 gameworld larger than first two games combined

Upcoming Xbox One launch title represents the largest world Capcom has ever made in the zombie franchise.


Dead Rising 3

The Dead Rising 3 gameworld is larger than the first two games in the series combined, according to a new report from the Financial Post.

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Capcom Vancouver representatives said players are likely to use vehicles to move around the world 50 percent of the time due to its size. Unlike its predecessors, Dead Rising 3 will not feature loading screens between areas.

"We wanted to go truly open-world this time around. No more load screens," executive producer Josh Bridge said. "With the biggest world that we've been able to make, with loads of zombies."

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One launch title being released with the platform on November 22 in North America and 12 other regions across the world.

The game features a new city, Los Perdidos, alongside new protagonist Nick Ramos. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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