Dead or Alive Ultimate delayed again

Japanese release of online fighter pushed back for more work on Xbox Live play.

The Japanese launch of Dead or Alive Ultimate for the Xbox has been pushed back yet again, publisher Tecmo has announced. In a brief press release on the company's Web site, Tecmo states that the reason for the delay is due to issues with the game's online mode. The release date is now October 28, moved back from October 7.

Originally scheduled to launch in Japan on March 25 of this year, DOA Ultimate is the first online title in the fighting series. The game's limited-edition box set, which will only release in Japan, will include the software, a clear blue Xbox system, and a life-size collectible pillow printed on the front and back with an image of the game's main character, the female warrior Kasumi (toned down from the original skimpy bikini design). The US version will ship earlier in the month; online retailers currently peg the game's release target to be either October 18 or 19.

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