Dead or Alive 3 booster disc released

We take a look at the recently released add-on disc for Dead or Alive 3.

Tecmo has released the Dead or Alive 3 booster disc via the Official Xbox Magazine. To access the new content, the full retail version of Dead or Alive 3 must be installed on the Xbox hard drive. Once the full version is installed, players can put the booster disc into the Xbox and select the add-on features. The new CG introduction--from the Japanese and European versions of the game--will then start playing. It shows a variety of characters in different situations. In one scene, Hayate takes out a group of soldiers in a dark forest, only to be spotted by a helicopter, which he then takes down by shooting an arrow into its fuel tank. When the new introduction is finished, players will be brought to a character select screen that shows all the characters in at least one of their new uniforms. The game will then ask if players want to install the new costumes. When it finishes installing, players can replace the booster disc with the full version of Dead or Alive 3. There are a wide variety of new costumes to choose from. Some of characters have rather odd outfits, such as Bayman's scuba gear and Bass' Viking costume, while others are surprisingly conservative, like Christie's full leather parka. Of course, a few of the women characters in the game have been dealt ridiculously skimpy clothing.

For those who don't own Dead or Alive 3, the booster disc also includes a time attack mode, which supports one-on-one or tag team fighting. However, there are only eight selectable characters.

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I love Dead or alive 3. The booster disc is something unique, but it isn't perfect. Still love the game though.