DC Sells Through the Roof

Sega estimates that more than 370,000 Dreamcasts have sold in the first four days of the console's launch.

Sega officials announced today that the Sega Dreamcast has surpassed the previous record for total units sold in the first four days of availability, bringing total revenue to $132,712,000. Sega claimed to have sold a total of 372,000 units in just four days. In the first 24 hours of availability, the Dreamcast netted more than $97 million at retail, more than tripling the past entertainment industry record set by Star Wars: The Phantom Menace at $28 million on its first day.

Equally as impressive as the hardware sales of the Dreamcast were related software sales in the first four days. First- and third-party software sold at a ratio of three to one - three games for each system sold. Contributing to the software sales success was the availability of 18 titles at launch.

In addition to its sales figures, Sega also announced today it had begun shipping systems and games to replenish store shelves left bare following last Thursday's launch. In addition, the company began distribution of new game discs and Sega Dreamcast web browser discs to replace the very small quantity of software that was found to be defective on Friday.

Anyone with a defective game disc who wants to exchange it is encouraged to return it to the retail outlet where it was purchased. Consumers with defective web browsers are asked to access sega.com and click on customer service or call 1-877-383-3291 to have a new disc sent to them directly.