DayZ standalone has now shifted over 2 million copies

Definitely not a shambles.



Super-successful survival sandbox DayZ has now sold over 2 million copies of its standalone version in a little over four months on sale, creator Dean Hall has announced on Twitter.

That's over 16 thousand fresh spawns per day innocently venturing online before getting beaten to death and having their precious cans of beans looted from their corpse. So it goes.

DayZ Standalone launched as a Steam Early Access title back in December 16, 2013, and flew to the top of the digital platform's best-sellers list throughout much of the holidays. Even now, months later, it is third in Steam's top sellers list. And, at its current price, DayZ standalone has likely generated around $68/£40 million in revenue. Yikes.

"Chernarus is well on its way to growing into the clothes that the developer has stitched for it, and if you feel you've got the steely will necessary to survive, DayZ is ready to test it," said Leif Johnson in GameSpot's early access review of DayZ.

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