Dawn of War III a 'strong possibility' for Relic

"We had a great working relationship with Games Workshop," says Relic Entertainment game director.

A third Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War game from the now Sega-owned Relic Entertainment is a "strong possibility," according to game director Quinn Duffy.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Duffy confirmed that Warhammer owner Games Workshop would get to choose who worked on any sequel to the RTS franchise, but that there is a good chance it would be Relic Entertainment.

"Dawn of War, because it's a license and it's owned by Games Workshop, they have the opportunity to work that license with whoever they want," said Duffy.

"I would hope it would be us again. We had a great working relationship with Games Workshop. Sega is establishing one now with the fantasy license for Creative Assembly. There's a strong possibility we'll all be working together again on Dawn of War."

Relic Entertainment had previously worked on both Dawn of War games and associated expansions. A Dawn of War III was once in the works, but has been affected by THQ's bankruptcy. Relic Entertainment's next title, Company of Heroes 2, will be released for PC in June.

Sega announced in December 2012 it had acquired the Warhammer license for Total War developer Creative Assembly. The publisher also purchased Relic Entertainment earlier this year for $26.6 million.

Homeworld, which was also predominantly developed by Relic Entertainment, had its rights snapped up yesterday by Gearbox.

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