DarkSpace free trial set to begin

A weeklong trial period for Palestar's online space sim will start tomorrow.

Palestar and Playnet have announced that a free weeklong trial period for DarkSpace, their massively multiplayer online space sim, will begin tomorrow, January 11, and will run until January 18. During this free trial period, all DarkSpace account holders will be able to play with no limitations and will be able to gain prestige and rank and join all available servers.

"We believe those who have not subscribed or played the demo version will be blown away once they have the opportunity to play the full version of our game," said Richard Lyle, Palestar's president and lead programmer.

In addition, all new subscribers after January 18 will receive a free weeklong trial before their account is charged the first subscription fee. During this trial period, players will be able to experience the full game and cancel their account if they choose before the end of the seven-day period.

DarkSpace, which was launched in December, is set in a sci-fi universe filled with warring factions. Players begin the game in one of three main factions as an ensign flying a small spacecraft, and they can eventually work their way up the ranks to a grand admiral in charge of a huge capital ship. The game supports hundreds of players at a time, and players can follow a variety of missions with different objectives. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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