Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Guide: Part 8

The Crescent Sickle Phantom, Mytha The Baneful Queen (Boss)


The Crescent Sickle Phantom at Earthen Peak isn’t an invader, but he is a Dark Spirit. The phantom’s sickle attacks are quick so be ready to backstep. He’s found at the top of a very narrow staircase so be mindful of your limited space when you’re planning an attack.


This is another two-part boss fight. The best part is that the first half doesn’t even feature the boss, and while it’s an optional step, it means a world of difference in determining whether you’ll have a very difficult boss fight or a surprisingly easy one. Starting at the second bonfire at Earthen Peak, light your torch using the bonfire flame. Exit the bonfire area and walk toward the outer ledge where the windmill blades are spinning. Approach the windmill until the button prompt appears, then set fire to the windmill.

Our video shows the path from the bonfire to Mytha as well as several enemies you’ll meet along the way, most notably the Desert Sorceress and her potent fireballs. Fighting Mytha is going to be easy at this point but you can give yourself some insurance by summoning the friendly phantom, Jester Thomas.

When taking on Mytha, watch out for her two most common attacks, a far-reaching stab and a combo that features a quick stab and a downward swing. She can also throw her decapitated head which has a grenade-like effect. With any luck, Jester Thomas will be able to distract Mytha for the entire fight.

What was the point of burning the windmill? You saved yourself a ton of grief from having to fight Mytha in a pool of poison. That means fighting her while your health depletes while her health replenishes. Who knows what other environmental puzzles can give you a significant advantage down the road?

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