Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Guide: Part 6

Huntsman's Copse, the Greatsword Phantom, Merciless Roenna (Invader)



Your next objective is Huntsman’s Copse, which you can access from Majula. Head toward the direction of Heide’s Tower of Flame, stopping at the first circular room in the tunnel. There you’ll find Licia, a merchant of Miracles and who can give you access to Huntsman’s Copse. She can open the path for 2000 souls or you can kill her for the Rotunda Lockstone. Note that if you do kill her, you won’t have access to her magic items.

The initial path in Huntsman’s Copse is very straightforward, just be mindful of the Great Moths, which deal poison from above. Our video starts at the second bonfire of Huntsman’s Copse and shows many of the harder enemies along the path to Undead Purgatory. The two hardest enemy types are the Artificial Undead and the Torturer. The Artificial Undead can be baited into initiating a time-consuming combo, making it open to attack. The Torturer is another matter, especially because of their speed. They’re best dealt with by using strong attacks that interrupt their combos. You can also use some elevated areas for ranged attacks and buy time while the Torturer figures out how to reach you.

The suspension bridge marks the border between Huntsman’s Copse and Undead Purgatory. Your last obstacle is the Greatsword Phantom, one of the Dark Spirits. He’s one of the more fortified knights, using a Tower Shield as protection and is especially lethal with his Greatsword. Like your character, the phantom knows the benefits of a good roll, which he combines with a sword attack. And don’t underestimate his combos and the reach of his sword. As we learned, his defenses can be chipped away with ranged attacks.


Feeling lucky enough to take on another Dark Spirit (and an invader) this soon? Let’s rewind back to the second bonfire at Huntsman’s Copse as the starting point. Remember the incline part of the path leading to Undead Purgatory? There’s an even higher path nearby, as our video shows. That path will eventually lead to a tense trek along the side of a cliff, with a number of ambushes from the ninja-like Rogues. You’ll have to contend with Rogues up close and ranged attackers with bows. By now you should have a few Estus Flasks, so getting hit by a few arrows shouldn’t be a problem. Make special note of the open space in the middle of the cliffside path, which, after dealing with a couple Rogues is a safe spot to heal and take a breather.

Continue along with side of the next cliff. You’re welcome to explore the few branching paths on this route for loot and enemies, but stay on the side of the cliff if you’d like to deal with Roenna. If the text warning of her appearance doesn’t alert you to her presence, her ominous Medusa-like visage will. What’s also scary is how fast she moves, which can be a problem in a fight on the side of a cliff.

Just as there’s no shame in retreating, there’s also no shame in luring an enemy to a place that’s advantageous to you. This is where the aforementioned open space comes in, which will give you enough room for some standard issue Dark Souls dodge rolling. Roenna means business with her scythe, but like the Ruin Sentinels, the scythe is avoidable with forward rolls. If you play your cards right, you should be able to get behind her as she’s stuck finishing a combo. If you do get hit with her scythe, be ready to be especially efficient with your time, since that weapon causes bleeding.

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