Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Guide: Part 18

Memories of the Ancients, Memory of Vammar, Memory of Orro, Memory of Jeigh, Giant Lord (Boss)


Dark Souls II


The home stretch before the final area involves the collection of numerous souls. The easiest one to get requires a return to the scene of your encounter with The Duke’s Dear Freja in Brightstone Cove. Touching the purple crystal in the middle of the cave will transport you to the Dragon Memory. It’s a desolate place that features the body of an Ancient Dragon. Examine the dragon to find the Ancient Dragon Soul. Examine it again to transport yourself out of the memory.

Note that you only have a limited time to spend in each of these memories before the game forces you to leave them. Not to worry--you can return to each memory immediately. The only hassle is that all the enemies respawn with each revisit, so plan accordingly.


For the three other memories, you should use the Cardinal Tower bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants as the starting point for each of your treks. Once there, go through the hole in the wall and turn left. Proceed down the ladder and take another left to the courtyard (where you fought the Old Ironclad Soldier). Make an immediate right and walk toward the Withered Giant. Interact with the giant to teleport to the Memory of Vammar.

This flashback places you in the middle of a losing battle where giants are decimating the humans. Aside from a few items and weapons, there are three optional souls to find. Your main goal is the Soul of a Giant, located at the top of a staircase near the end of the map. Like the Ancient Dragon Soul, examining the giant a second time will transport you out of the memory.


To reach this memory, make your way back to the last place you fought the The Pursuer in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Go past that area to find the Withered Giant, the portal to the Memory of Orro.

This is another memory of the war of the humans against the giants. There are also several optional souls and other items to procure, enough that you’ll need to revisit this memory multiple times to find everything. This video shows the direct route to the mandatory Soul of a Giant, which involves some sprinting and weaving around giants and soldiers.


To reach the final Memory of the Ancients, go down the ladder near the bonfire and cross the bridge nearby. Then equip the King’s Ring and make two immediate lefts, leading through the King’s Gates. Progress further to find the Withered Giant, which will give you access to the Memory of Jeigh.

Aside from the Soul of a Giant, there aren’t any meaningful items in this memory. It’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about scavenging because this memory also features the next boss, the Giant Lord. Depending on who you’ve spoken to on your quest, you’ll have the option of summoning either Captain Drummond or Benhart of Jugo at the start of this memory. When you’re ready, pass through the portal, where you’ll be greeted by a constant barrage of flaming mortar attacks. If you go up the raised platform to the left, you can trigger the rolling giant statue head. If timed right, you can use it to take out one or both of the giants. The giants won’t bother you when you move around the stone head, which is good since you’ll now have to content with the Giant Lord. Once you get close to the lord, you also won’t have to worry about the mortar attacks.

The good news about the Giant Lord: He’s slow. The bad news: His sword attacks pack a punch. His Vertical Sword Attack is especially deadly since it creates a far-reaching ripple effect. Your best course of action is to weave in between his legs--just keep watch for his Stomp Attack. This is a fight that greatly benefits the melee fighter, so if you’ve enjoyed the comforts and benefits of ranged magic attacks, be sure to attune potent close quarters spells, especially the Fire Tempest if you have it. If you have no choice but to use ranged attacks, your best position is the nearest elevated platform. You just need to be ready for the Giant Lord’s Horizontal Sword Attack, which can be dodged by rolling in the direction opposite of the sword swing.

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30 Items to Collect Before Your First Battle

Part 1: The Forest of Fallen Giants, The Last one (Boss), The Pursuer (Boss)

Part 2: Heide's Tower of Flame, The Dragonrider (Boss), The Old Dragonslayer (Boss)

Part 3: Down Heide's Tower, No Man's Wharf, The Flexile Sentry (Boss)

Part 4: The Lost Bastille, Ruin Sentinels (Boss), Sinner's Rise

Part 5: Belfry Luna, Bell Keeper (Invader), Belfry Gargoyles (Boss), Vorgel The Sinner (Invader)

Part 6: Huntsman's Copse, the Greatsword Phantom, Merciless Roenna (Invader)

Part 7: Skeleton Lords (Boss), Executioner Chariot (Boss), Harvest Valley, Earthen Peak, Covetous Demon (Boss)

Part 8: The Crescent Sickle Phantom, Mytha The Baneful Queen (Boss)

Part 9: The Pit, Grave of Saints, The Gutter, Rhoy the Explorer (Invader)

Part 10: Royal Rat Vanguard (Boss), The Gutter (Part 2), Melinda the Butcher (Invader), The Rotten (Boss)

Part 11: Iron Keep, Smelter Demon (Boss), Belfry Sol, Old Iron King (Boss)

Part 12: Shaded Woods, Scorpioness Najka (Boss), Doors of Pharros, Bowman Guthrie (Invader), Royal Rat Authority (Boss)

Part 13: Brightstone Cove Tseldora, Prowling Magus (Boss), The Porcine Peasant (Invader), The Duke's Dear Freja (Boss), The Lost Sinner

Part 14: Shrine of Winter, Drangleic Castle, Nameless Usurper (Invader), Dual Dragonriders (Boss), Looking Glass Knight (Boss)

Part 15: Shrine of Amana, Undead Crypt, Peculiar Kindalur (Invader), Demon of Song (Boss), Nameless Usurper (Returning Invader)

Part 16: Aldia's Keep, Velstadt, The Royal Aegis (Boss), Aslatiel of Mirrah (Invader), Guardian Dragon (Boss)

Part 17: Dragon Shrine, Dragonfang Villard (Invader), Ancient Dragon (Boss)

Part 18: Memories of the Ancients, Memory of Vammar, Memory of Orro, Memory of Jeigh, Giant Lord (Boss)

Part 19: Throne Watcher and Throne Defender (Boss), Nashandra (Final Boss)

Part 20: King Vendrick (Boss), Dark Chasm of Old, Darklurker (Boss)

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