Dance Dance Revolution song list, pricing announced

Konami reveals the entire song list for the North American version of DDR, and announces the pricing for the dance pad.

Konami of America has announced the final pricing, release date, and song list for the North American release of its PlayStation game, Dance Dance Revolution. As a stand-alone product DDR will be sold for US$29.99, the stand-alone dance pad will carry a suggested retail price of US$49.99, and a bundle including the game and the dance pad will retail for US$59.99. The game will be released in March and includes the following 27 songs:

  • Have You Never Been Mellow - The Olivia Project
  • Boom Boom Dollar - King Kong & D. Jungle Girls
  • El Ritmo Tropical - Dixies Gang
  • Let Them Move - N.M.R.
  • 20, November - N.M.R. feat. DJ Nagureo
  • Put Your Faith In Me - UZI-LAY
  • Put Your Faith In Me (Jazzy Groove) - UZI-LAY
  • Brilliant 2u - Naoki
  • Brilliant 2u (Orchestra-Groove) - Naoki
  • Smoke - Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun
  • Make It Better - Mitsu-O!
  • My Fire - X-Treme
  • If You Were Here - Jennifer
  • Dub I Dub - Me & My
  • Keep On Movin' - N.M.R.
  • La Senorita - Captain T
  • Drop The Bomb - Scotty D.
  • Get Up'N Move - S&K
  • I Believe In Miracles - Hi-Rise
  • AM-3P - KTZ
  • Dynamite Rave - Naoki
  • Afronova - Re-Venge
  • Trip Machine - De-Sire
  • SP-Trip Machine (Jungle Mix) - De-Sire
  • Paranoia - 180
  • Paranoia (Dirty Mix) - 190
  • Paranoia (KCET Clean Mix) - 2MB
The modes of play include single-player, two-player competitive, and two-player cooperative. DDR was originally released in Japanese arcades in October 1998.

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