Daily Digest - Winner Winner, Chocobo Dinner!

In today's Digest we talk about recent contests, prize winners, and awesome featured users!

To-Do List

- ENTER to win a custom Gears of War X360.
- READ Aprils Reviewers of the Month.
- CONGRATULATE the winners of the Create a Monster Contest!
- SHOW off your skill in our GameSpot Players Network Trophy/Achievement Hunt for Assassins Creed 3.

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.

The question is, is it a man eating a chocobo dinner, or a man becoming a chocobo's dinner?

kitty moderator

I'm tempted to start writing reviews again. Something like this sounds amazing though. If I start again and can improve, I'd definitely want something like this to happen. 

crimsonbrute moderator

SSHHHH!!!! Don't tell anybody about the GoW 360 contest. Every person that enters reduces my chances of winning. We can't have that now, can we?

crimsonbrute moderator

@Yagr_Zero Thank you! Someone understands.