Daily Digest: Two Emblems Retire

Today's line-up includes a BAFTA livestream, Gears of War: Judgement and two review emblems retire at the end of the month.

To-Do List

- WATCH the BAFTA Games Awards livestream starting at 12:30 PT
- RESPOND to Mrs Violence playing Gears of War: Judgement
- GRAB a Blacklight: Retribution AK470 bundle

Tip: User Reviews Recognition Changes

We have announced some changes involving the way we recognize users who write reviews. What you should know in a nutshell:

- Top 100/500 emblems will retire on March 31.
- You can request to receive one before they expire.
- Reviewers of the Month emblem coming soon.
- The video review emblem is still available!

UPDATE at 4pm PT: Forums maintenance planned at 5pm PT but it should only take 10-15 minutes.

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I have a Top 100 emblem. What will happen to it?


will reviewers of the month from Jan, Feb, Mar 2013 get the new emblem?

Allicrombie moderator moderator

wow, those have been around forever.

crimsonbrute moderator

I've never written a review nor do I plan to but can I get those two emblems anyway? :) :D

JodyR moderator

@F22_King_Raptor People only receive one of them due to the different criteria and because there's limited spots available, hence the "top 100" reviewers and "top 500" reviewers title. :D   Yep, you can get one before they expire, check the announcement to see how. 


@JodyR I think he want the two for free, and in such case count me in :D :P