Daily Digest - Crysis 3 and Game Updates!

Today's community news update mentions our Crysis 3 livestream, the return of Game Updates via email and a gamer's poem.

To-Do List

- WATCH Crysis 3 Live Stream today at 3pm PT
- TWEET questions for the livestream by using the #gscrysis3 hashtag
- SAY HI to our new moderators!
- DISCOVER the definition of Jill’s Sandwich

Tip: Followed Game Email Subscription

If you have enjoy receiving emails about new content based on the games you follow, you might have noticed no game updates for months now. We have some great news! Our tech crew fixed the problem this week! .

If you didn't receive an email this week, you probably aren't following some newer game titles and you don't have your preference set up. Make sure you change your email settings to allow Tracked Game Updates; it's the last option in your settings settings.

If you would like to see what games you're tracking, visit your followed games page. Also don’t forget to follow the games you care about by visiting the gamespace and clicking the follow button.

As always if you encounter any technical issues,, please post them in the Technical Support forum.

Random Acts of Awesome!

FantasticMrVox shares what it is like to be a gamer.
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