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German developer 3D People releases a technology demo video showing off its upcoming isometric role-playing game, Cult.

German game developer 3D People has released a new technology demo of its upcoming isometric role-playing game, Cult. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, and it is described as similar to Diablo II and the Baldur's Gate role-playing game series.

The new video shows off the game's proprietary 3D engine. The engine supports a number of advanced graphics effects, such as dynamic lighting, soft shadowing, day-night cycles, and a variety of weather effects. In addition, it will feature particle effects, motion blur, multitexturing, 3D object reflections, 32-bit high-resolution textures, and a zoomable camera.

Cult is scheduled for release in mid-2002. No publisher for the game has been announced. For more information, visit the official Cult Web site and watch the technology demo linked below.

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