Crytek Reveals X-Isle

The fast-paced squad shooter will combine alien technology and prehistoric life.

Crytek has announced an upcoming squad-based tactical first-person game titled X-Isle. In the game, players will be pitted against an ancient alien life-form closely related to the dinosaurs. The aliens have re-created a colony of dinosaurs in an attempt to take back control of the globe. The player must overcome the advanced alien technology in addition to the brute strength and power of the dinosaurs in order to succeed. The game will feature richly detailed tropical 3D environments, single- and multiplayer modes, and fast-paced action.

As can be seen in these screenshots, the X-Isle engine supports high-polygon environments and advanced effects such as environmental cube-mapping and dot-3 bump-mapping. Nvidia had a rolling demo at its ECTS booth to show off its 3D technology, and it is expected to soon make the demo available for download.

More information about X-Isle is available at the Crytek web site.

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yup, you are correct. But I think I would have preferred the Dinosaurs to the stupid Trygen mutants in Far Cry.


This seems to have become Far Cry I remember seeing a preview of this ages ago, Crytek seem to have scrapped Dinos and have gone for mutants instead.