Crysis 2 Decimation pack heads to XBL, PC

Sci-fi shooter gets second multiplayer map pack for Microsoft systems; $10 add-on includes five new maps, two fresh weapons; slated to arrive for PlayStation 3 on June 28.


Crysis 2

No Caption Provided Since Crytek's well-received Crysis 2 launched in March, it's shipped over 2 million units and welcomed its first batch of post-release add-on content in the form of the multiplayer Retaliation pack. Now, the crysis is continuing with new content available today.
Crysis 2 gets decimated with its latest add-on.
Crysis 2 gets decimated with its latest add-on.

Publisher Electronic Arts this week announced the Decimation pack for Crysis 2. The $10 content is now available for the Xbox 360 and PC, and it is scheduled to arrive for the PlayStation 3 on June 28.

The pack includes five new multiplayer environments: 5th Avenue, Chasm, Plaza, Prism, and Apartments. In addition to the new killing spaces, the content includes two fresh weapons: the long-range-designed FY71 and the smoke grenade.

For more on the Decimation pack, check out its trailer, embedded below.

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