Crimson Sea 2 delayed

Koei pushes its sci-fi action sequel to a mid-April release.

TOKYO--Citing development issues, Koei announced it is delaying the release of Crimson Sea 2. Though the game was scheduled for release on March 14 in Japan, the company announced that the sci-fi action game will not be coming out until April 15. Unlike the previous installment, which was released exclusively on the Xbox, Crimson Sea 2 is scheduled only for the PlayStation 2 at the current time. Its retail price is set at 6,800 yen ($62.48).

Crimson Sea 2 takes place in the far-off solar system of Theophilus two years after the previous game. The Vipa alien/human hero Sho is once again fighting an interplanetary evil. Helping him defend against the new evil is Feanay, a female Vipa with magiclike mental powers. Players can switch between the two characters during the game.

Crimson Sea 2 will feature 60 missions set in a nonlinear universe. Players' characters will gain experience with each completed mission, allowing them to take on tougher challenges. The game will also feature three new multiplayer modes--co-op, deathmatch, and competition--and numerous new details, like neo-psionic powers and improved weapons. The sound in Crimson Sea 2 will also be improved, since the game will be compliant with Dolby Pro Logic II.

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