Counter-Strike: Condition Zero switches developers

Valve announces that Ritual is now developing the new Counter-Strike game instead of Gearbox Software.

Valve has confirmed that Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is now being developed by Ritual Entertainment, the studio behind the upcoming Star Trek: Elite Force II first-person shooter. Condition Zero is a single-player game based on the extremely popular multiplayer action game Counter-Strike. The game initially started out at Rogue Entertainment but was long in development at Gearbox Software, which showed a build of the game at GDC and E3 earlier this year.

There's no word on whether Ritual will build on the content that Gearbox created for Condition Zero. However, there will be more information soon, as Valve and Ritual have a presentation scheduled at the CPL's Counter-Strike Championships that will take place December 21 in Dallas, Texas.

Gearbox will also be at the CPL event showing the PC version of Halo. Gearbox has had a number of other projects this year, including the PC versions of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 and James Bond 007: NightFire.

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