Core announced for the Xbox

Unique Development Studios is working on a new Xbox game. Read the first details.

German publisher CDV has selected Unique Development Studios to produce its upcoming Xbox game titled Core. Specific information on the game is scarce, but it is know that Core is a quirky action-adventure, where players control a team of four characters. All of the characters are inside a giant mech suit and are out to save New York City from impending doom. Development on the game will begin soon and it is expected to be released worldwide in early 2003.

"We are naturally most pleased to sign such a significant contract, and also flattered to be chosen by CDV Software Entertainment as part of their Xbox commitment," said Thomas Lofblad, managing director at UDS.

Unique Development Studios developed World's Scariest Police Chases and is currently working on the upcoming adventure game based on the Futurama television show for Fox Interactive.

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