Conspiracy sues Eminem

The rapper's management team and licensing agent are being sued for fraud.

Conspiracy Entertainment has announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Eminem's management company, Cousins Entertainment, as well as his licensing agent, Bravado International, for fraud and breach of contract. Conspiracy claims that the parties involved violated a contract so that they could enter into a more lucrative deal with another publisher.

"We were not aware of any problems until we started getting some press on our new product. Then we started hearing rumors about Eminem negotiating a better deal with Rockstar Games or some other big video game publisher," said Conspiracy CFO Keith Tanaka. "Apparently, our deal must have been in the way, because there was no other reason for Bravado and Cousins to stop us from introducing a video game that was approved before the contract ever got signed."

Conspiracy is seeking $5 million in damages. We'll post more as it becomes available.

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