Consoles becoming more like PCs, says Alienware

PC manufacturer says Microsoft and Sony have adopted innovations from the PC space for their next-generation consoles.


Game consoles and PCs are more alike than ever before, according to Alienware general manager Frank Azor. Speaking with PCGamesN, Azor said the distinctions between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC architecture are slipping away.

"A lot of the innovations and things that are proven on the PC are making their ways onto consoles," Azor said. "The consoles are looking more and more like PCs every day."

The Xbox One and PS4 are both built on a PC-focused x86 architecture. And from a service standpoint, Azor pointed out, the platforms are also adopting features PC gamers have had for years.

"You're installing games now instead of running them off the disc, because that's the right thing to do; you're downloading games digitally, which we've been doing on PC for years; they're integrating certain TV aspects and stuff--well, ten years ago we started experimenting with media center," Azor said.

The Xbox One ($500) and PS4 ($400) launch later this year.


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