Condition Zero gets steamed

Valve sets up preorder option for anxious Counter-Strike: Condition Zero gamers; offers price break to current CS owners.

Valve announced today that it is taking preorders for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero through Steam, the company's proprietary content delivery system.

The offer includes a special bonus for current Counter-Strike owners, which allows them to secure the game for the price of $29.95 instead of the full retail price of $39.95.

Anyone who preorders Condition Zero through Steam will be able to play the game, quite literally, the minute it is released. This preorder offer marks the first time Valve has used the Steam service as a point of purchase for a new product. The delivery mechanism will download the game code in advance of the launch date, and it will unlock the code the moment the game is officially released.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the single-player follow-up to Valve's immensely popular multiplayer tactical shooter. The title is set for release on March 23.

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