Community Service - Joe Danger 2 Launch Night Spectacular

On this week's Community Service, we're joined by Hello Games' Sean Murray to celebrate the launch of Joe Danger 2: The Movie.


To celebrate the launch of Joe Danger 2: The Movie on XBLA on Friday 14 September, we've got Hello Games' Sean Murray in for Community Service. Join the live stream to see what happens when you get a developer in for a few drinks the night before their game launches!

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Thursday 13 September at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm London

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A Borderlands 2 Community Service with Danny, Seb, Guy and Cam co-op would be amazing´╗┐ guys. Can you please move the TV closer to the couch so that you guys have better accuracy please please find a way for that to work. Thanks, love you GS UK guys.

dannyodwyer staffmoderatorstaff

Thanks to everyone who tuned in!


That game looks cool. But the best part is my Gamer tag keeps coming up when you guys finish a race and it tries to compare score with friends.