Community News Update: Wednesday 8/14

It's Frances' turn to take over the community news and she features the COD: Ghost multiplayer reveal, Shaun McInnis' desk tour, and retro consoles.


It’s Wednesday and you know what that means! It’ s the middle of the week and you have 2 more days until the weekend :D To keep your mind off of that thought, stay occupied with the following awesome stories.

GameSpot Staff Desk Tour: Shaun McInnis

For this week’s GameSpot staff desk tour, we spotlight Shaun McInnis. Shaun has been an editor at GameSpot for 6 years. When he is not traveling the world getting GameSpot exclusives, Shaun takes over the daily GS News update from time to time. You can also find him making appearances on Ask GameSpot, Torture Chamber, and in his own segment where he creates an abomination of nature using Saints Row IV Inauguration Station. Shaun will also be bestowing us with an exclusive look at Grand Theft Auto Online tomorrow. Be sure to tune in to get a first look only on GameSpot!

Team Social Content Spotlight

Attention Call of Duty fans! The Call of Duty Ghosts global multiplayer reveal happened in Los Angeles this morning and Gamepot was there to check it out. Infinity Ward has focused its efforts on community feedback and it shows with what’s in store. New game modes, perks, and weapons are just a few of the details revealed. COD: Ghosts was described as the “biggest multiplayer overhaul since Modern Warfare”. If you want to watch a replay of today’s announcements, catch it here on GameSpot. – Watch Now.

In this week’s episode of GameCrib, we follow Team Solo Mid to the seventh week of LCS. The guys begin working on team building activities and start by having breakfast together. They even 1v1 each other and losers have to do the dishes. These fun games helped the guys focus and work together and it showed in their matches against Dignitas, Vulcun, and Cloud 9. - Watch Now.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist makes it fun to fly solo, but it's when you join others that the stealth action really heats up. Sam Fisher is more of an action hero than ever and is voiced by Eric Johnson. Blacklist is all business, and the Tom Clancy-inspired, jargon-heavy dialogue of its early hours reflects as much. The narrative is more about plot then character, but still provides a number of edge of your seat moments. – Full Review .

Random Happens in the GameSpot Office

All of the consoles above are always on Peter Brown’s desk. As I investigated more about the weird looking console called a Retron 3, I learned our editor is a retro game collector. Stayed tuned next week because his desk might be featured next as GameSpot Desk Tour!

That's it for now.

Frances signing off!

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100 points for the Guild Wars 2 Rytlock figurine!


So that's Shaun's desk, Fascinating. I wonder what happened to the wolf statue I sent him? Anyway must see Maxwell McGee's desk next, but I bet Tom McShea's desk is next.

zyxe moderator

gah... i still can't bring myself to care about esports. it's cool that people find their niche and get to play for pay and make something of it, but someone else playing is not something i really care to watch. i don't have enough time to play for myself!

i am, however, interested in blacklist...

kitty moderator moderator

Shaun has a awesome desk.

Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller

Those retro consoles are bootleg products and I'm surprised that you would talk about them.

Aentik Sparda Tendo
Aentik Sparda Tendo

all i can say is Less greedy industry More consumer fun and satisfacion with a 2 nd controller included and actual complete games not dividied in thousand dlcs. better everything

Justin Roane
Justin Roane

Searching for retro consoles, only seeing a Saturn and a Retron.

Patrick Eduarte
Patrick Eduarte

Owner of a RetroN3! Nice. Loving that Japanese Sega Saturn.