Community News Update: Wednesday 7/31

Wednesday Community News features a He-Man giveaway, our Pikmin 3 Review, BioShock DLC insights, and GameCrib episode 5.

Hello again GameSpot Community.

We're here with our Wednesday report, by popular vote we have Chris Watters with a tour of his desk tour. Added bonus, we'll be giving away those special He-man plushes to a lucky GameSpotter. Just leave a comment in the section below and we'll pick a random winner. Good luck! (Sorry, US Only).

Tom Mc Shea reviews Pikmin 3.
Pikmin 3 is eminently enjoyable because of the clever problem solving you have to employ, and the competitive mode should test the strength of any friendship - Full Review.

Watch GameCrib Episode 5: Out of Range.
This week, Team SoloMid continues into the fray of the League of Legends Championship Series for week 5. Armed with a new team composition they take on Vulcun, Velocity, and CLG - Watch Now.

BioShock Infinite DLC Returns to Rapture. Peter Brown talks to Bioshock creator about the return to the city under the sea. While how exactly Booker and Elizabeth are critical to this story isn't clear, Creative Director Ken Levine explains how this return trip is the appropriate way to give the entire BioShock series greater context - Full Story.

That's all we have for you today readers. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our Friday wrap up where we'll be giving away copies of Terraria for the X360 and PS3.

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kitty moderator

I see a ps3, you sir are awesome

Allicrombie moderator moderator

was that a zapper?

GameSpot moderator moderatorstaff

Just a reminder, you only have until tomorrow to enter to win these adorable He-Man Plush's! 


I cannot read the Bioshock feed because I haven't played Infinite!


It has been some time to see some content in the Community News Update.


Wow that's a gang of stuff


Before I enter to be randomly chosen, what do the plushes smell like...?
A) Chris Watters
B) Cheetos
C) Kevin VanOrd's beard
E) Sadness
D) Two of the above, but you aren't sure which

zyxe moderator

I kept hearing a buzz about some sort of announcement being made today regarding site changes, but I guess not...


Dat Def +3 button! I must have it!


Funny video of Chris Watters, he is so silly, can yo do a tour of Maxwell's desk next?