Community News Update: Monday 8/19

Synthia takes the reigns for this Monday Community News Update.


Greetings GameSpot Community. Synthia here, back to talk about the recent goings-on at GameSpot.Project TriforceLast weekend 100 special users were handpicked by GameSpot staff members to take part in an exclusive beta for the new GameSpot, code named "Project Triforce". However do to a small delay, that didn't happen. There will be a public update soon with news on what to expect from the new site as well as a fireside chat this Thursday where much of the details for the new site will be explained by the developers.What to look forward to:GameSpot is at Gamescom The world's biggest gaming show and expo for video games! Well almost… Tyler Winegarner has been documenting the adventures of Team SF and the kooky adventures (fueled of course by expensive airport beer). There will be more videos like this coming from the GameSpot team as they make their way to Cologne Germany. Gamescom starts August 21st and runs through the weekend.Community SpotlightThis week's community spotlight goes to not one, but two awesome members! Users Heil68 and TheEroica! They're not only stand up guys who should consider joining the ranks of the volunteers here at GameSpot, but they also host an amazing podcast called "Pedal to the Metal", a pithy lightning in a bottle version of System Wars.ContestsLast week, we gave away a collectors edition of Terraria for the Xbox 360, as well as a Halo 4 art book. This week, we've got copies of the Mass Effect Trilogy to give away so be sure to tune in to our next community report for more on that.Well that's it for me for today. I'm going to go back to grinding magic cards in prep for Grand Prix Oakland. Frances will be in on Wednesday to share some more community goodness for you all. Synthia out!


chicknfeet moderator

Thanks for the update Syn


Grata to those chosen for the beta. :)

I've been hearing some really terrible things about this new GS. Lots of features, such as User created boards, levels, emblems, union are being scrapped. On top of that there are severe sig limitations for the new forums. I feel that these features greatly contributed to what makes GameSpot unique. It feels great to be able to escape the sometimes rotten forums to a place where the angry ones can find tranquility. That was what made the UCBs did. That's just one example. Without these features, GameSpot will not be the same. It won't be very different from other forums/profile creators on the Internet. I hope this message gets relayed to the tech staff.:/


Not sure how you contact people for the beta but If I was chosen (heh, yeah I realize the chances are slim) that email notification wouldn't have reached me because my email inbox was maxed out.

It should work now.

That is all.


Congrats to the spotlight. Good luck to everyone and great community update :)

Sefrix moderator moderator

Congrats to the squirrel and person with the sword!


Congrats to the members who made the spotlight!

super600 moderator

Congrats to heli and theeroica.

kitty moderator moderator

congrats to the users in the spotlight :)