Community News Update: Monday 8/12

Synthia returns for a Monday Community News report, today we're giving away Payday 2 Beta codes and dropping hints about project triforce.

Hello, hello GameSpot Community. It is I, Synthia here to bestow upon thee with the most recent of GameSpot goings-on.

What to Look Forward to.

For those of you who have been asking about when they can expect to see news of the fabled “Project Triforce" Good news! We on Monday, August 19th GameSpotters will be getting a first look at what the new site will have to offer.

Events, events, and more events! While the new releases list during the summer is lukewarm the events lineup is still heating up. Just around the corner we have Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghost Multiplayer Reveal, tune in August 14th at 10:30am PDT to watch. Followed by a super exciting, super exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto Online dropping this Thursday.

This week’s office tour we’ll be featuring Shaun McInnis, what could he possibly have lurking on his desk? Only time will tell.

Community Spotlight

This week we would like to give a special shout out to Jakeykins.

While this user seems to be a bit on the quiet side, that does not make Jakeykins any less insightful. In a recent blog post Jakeykins asked “which is better, video reviews or written reviews?" Which do you prefer?


This week we will be giving away beta keys for Payday 2. What do you have to do to win? Simply head over to our Facebook page, like us, and caption this image for a chance to win (US Only, sorry but rules are rules).

That’s all for this week GameSpotters, Frances will be here on Wednesday for your next Community Report. As always, you can find me on my blog and follow me on the twitters (though I usually won’t shut up about Magic there…) That’s all for me today see you all next time, and for all you Payday fans here are some highlights from our Payday 2 stream.

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what is this project triforce thing. D:

kitty moderator moderator

I'm curious about project triforce

super600 moderator

I can't wait to hear about project triforce.


This is my first time hearing about Project Triforce. o_O