Community News Update: Friday 8/23

Team Social spotlights this week's most popular post, the Beat the Pros trailer, and how to enter our Pay Day 2 giveaway!

TGIF Gamespotters!In today’s news, we feature an overview of what happened this week.GameSpot Popular PicksWith over 4000 comments, this week’s most popular article was Microsoft: "Xbox One is Kinect". This sparks so many opinions because Microsoft has no plans to ever release an Xbox One without the Kinect. - Full Story.This week we started our series of weekly fireside chats to discuss the future of GameSpot, show off what we're working on, and give you all a chance to ask us questions. And to prove that WE DELIVER, we're here, right now, delivering. Stay awhile, watch, and listen. Also, don’t worry if you missed the first one, this is the first of many! – Full Story.GameSpot's Game Series of the GenerationThe time has come to choose the best game series of the decade! The Greatest Game Series of the Decade voting employs a bracket system that pits games against each other in head-to-head elimination rounds until only one game remains. The first round of voting started on Wednesday and it’s still open. Go vote now ! Also, are you wondering how we decided the bracket seeding? Watch now !Community Feature: A Smashing Pair by Pierst179This week we feature Pierst179 on his piece, A Smashing Pair, which is about Nintendo’s success in the handheld market. They explain why and how Nintendo stays on top even with its recent struggles.Review for the WeekDisney Infinity is the tale of two games. One of those games is the Toybox, a gleefully entertaining shared space where you and a friend or three can mess around with your playthings and the other game is the sloppy mess that you must endure to get the most out of the Toybox, filled with glitches, shocking oversights, and fundamental design errors. It's also a window into the wonders of modern game marketing. – Full Review.Beat The Pros TrailerPAX Prime is a week away and guess what … Beat the Pros is back! Check out the trailer for next week’s beat down. Watch Now. Will you be at PAX Prime want to have a shot against a pro? RSVP at our Eventbrite page now.Pay Day Giveaway Instagram ContestWant to win this Pay Day 2 press kit? Enter our giveaway now!How to enter:1. Follow @TheRealGameSpot on Instagram. Repost this photo.2. Use hashtags #GameSpotWin and #PayDay23. Contest ends August 27th. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 28th. (US Only)Kit includes mask, wallet, latex gloves, and the PayDay 2 Official Soundtrack.That wraps it up for now folks! Ohaifrancy will be covering Gamescom news this weekend, while DigitalDame will be playing Magic the Gathering at the Pro Tour Qualifier in Oakland. Feel free to follow ohaifrancy or DigitalDame during the weekend for updates on their weekend shenanigans. This is Team Social signing off!

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.

the URL Go vote now for the Greatest Game Series has a space in it. Between the / and greatest


Oh, so no more making our own bracket? It's just voting straight away? This is not as fun as I thought it'd be.. =(

kitty moderator moderator

There seems to be a unneeded space in the link for "Go Vote Now" which is causing the link to get a 404 page.

But I voted.

super600 moderator

Have a nice weekend synthia and frances.

Christoffer Treyz
Christoffer Treyz

sorry, that clownmask always drove me completely away. never bothered with that franchise. talk about so not appealing.