Community News Update: Friday 8/16

TGIF GameSpotters! Time to wrap up this weeks Community News update with the Friday report.

Triforce Tease

The first wave of beta invites have been sent out. Some of you will be receiving access to an exclusive group which will allow users a first look at what the new GameSpot has to offer. Didn’t get on the list? A second wave of invites will be set out in September for those who are interested.

GameSpot Popular Pick
The most talked about news article this week was the “Why Grand Theft Auto Online is Crazy Enough to Work". An exclusive and in-depth look at Rockstar's ambitious approach to GTA multiplayer - Full Article.

GameFAQs Character Battle IX
The users of GameFAQs have voted their favorite characters into the tournament. Filled in your bracket predicting which characters will win each battle. Vote for your favorite now!

The Point with Danny O’Dwyer
This week on The Point, Danny explores how hardcore gamers are killing the Xbox One and why Kinect may not be in the box after all. Are the “hard core" the true kings of the console wars or does the key to the fight lay in the hands of the casuals? - Watch Now.

Carolyn Petit’s review of “Gone Home" was also awarded “Editors Choice" for August 2013.
With excellent writing and remarkable attention to period detail, Gone Home turns the process of exploring a house into a captivating and deeply poignant journey of discovery - Full Review.

Borderlands 2, Past, Present, and Future.
Attention Borderlands fans. The team at Gearbox Software recently presented a panel giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the series. Check out the footage exclusively on GameSpot Saturday, August 17, 2 p.m. PST - Full Story.

Community Feature: benleslie5 reviews DuckTales Remastered.
According to this user, the games difficulty is "just right" and while it might not be as perfect as the original DuckTales, fans of the series will likely enjoy Remastered more then others - Full Review.

Friday Giveaway GameSpot is giving away a collectors edition of Terraria for the Xbox 360. Entering to win is easy, simply watch and retweet our vine video for your chance to win.

That's all for this week! Remember to check back for Monday for our next Community News Report. What's your community team up to this week? Ohaifrancy will be at the Lanhammer 2013 fighters’ tournament, and DigitalDame is going to be taking it easy and spending some time with her mom (aka BoominGranny). Feel free to follow Ohaifrancy or DigitalDame for quirky community updates. Social Team out!

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.

I just hope it isn't as messy as last time and please add new levels to the user levels. It's a great incentive for people to be active on the site

kitty moderator moderator

I see benleslie5's review was featured, congrats on that :)


A new GameSpot?! 0___0

"A second wave of invites will be set out in September for those who are interested"
I'm very, very interested in an invite!


BoominGranny is an awesome name! lol


I hope I'm not exposing my gamerly naivety here.. but I'd never heard of 'Gone Home' until I watched & read the Gamepot review today (what an awesomely thorough review btw) - that game looks great, and further proof that movies, novels and plays may soon have to step-aside to make room for games as *the* major narrative form.

benleslie5 moderator

Nice to see my review on DuckTales Remastered getting mentioned :D


Busy week and I hope everyone has a good weekend :)

super600 moderator

@Saketume @harry_james_pot 

I think another recent community update. I think it was the friday august 10th or monday august 13 one talked about triforce a bit more.Read this community update for more info.


and after o.o; 

and before.

I'm starting to see why people get annoyed when I'm around.



Yeah I get a bit too spammy in some articles. If there's been a GS live stream you can expect me to comment on it.

oh and most likely during the streams as well if that's what you meant :)

super600 moderator


Nevermind. The monday august 12th community update only mentions it at the beginning.It's barely talked about in that community update

robotopbuddy moderator moderator

@Saketume I wouldn't worry about it, aside from being a full site revamp that's been known to be coming for quite a while now we don't know all that much about it either.


ok there's something on the aug 12 page.

let's see then hmm

Yeah that explained nothing. >,.<

I guess I'll remain ignorant then. So much hush hush.


@super600 I'll try to find it hmm

1 minute later.. can't find it. I see one for Aug 12 and one for Aug 14.

Didn't find the info you're talking about. I'll keep looking but a link would be nice.