Community News: Monday 9/9

It's Monday, which mean's it's time for another Community New's Update.

What to look forward toOnce again we'll be having a Fireside Chat to discuss the updates that will be coming to GameSpot. Place your bets; do you think we'll be starting on time this week? Only time (and the GameSpot dev team) will tell!. Did you miss last weeks episode? Here's the recap.Speaking of things to look forward to, we will be unrolling a new show with host Danny O'Dwyer called "The Waiting Game". The show that will help the hype filled masses determine what they should do with their time as they wait for that oh so awesome title.Community SpotlightThis weeks Member Spotlight shines on johnsteed7.He explores his most recent dilemma in his piece “How I Fell In and Out of Love With the Xbox 360”. johnsteed7 states his ups and downs with the Xbox 360 and his new appreciation for the PS4. He also gives some great insight in the next gen consoles in his “Thoughts On the Next Generation”.ContestsLast week we announced that we were giving away a ton of copies of Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff. Not a fan of Platipi ? Well shame on you, but we understand. So we'll be giving away other great prizes every week during the month of September on our GameSpot Facebook page. Be sure to follow us for your chance to enter in our next contest.

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Synthia Weires

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crimsonbrute moderator moderator

This last chat kinda flew under the radar. I didn't even notice there was one until a few days ago.

Allicrombie moderator moderator

Hope there's no technical difficulties this time.