Community News: Monday 9/16

Team Social talks about what to look forward to, info about this weeks Fireside Chat, and a contest has been linked

Happy Monday GameSpot, we've got a lot going on this week!What to look forward toGameSpot is coming to SXSW… Maybe! But we need your help! Games media veterans GameSpot's Ben Howard and Red Robot Labs Inc. John Davison will lead a discussion about the challenges publishers of core, big-budget franchises face as well as what emerging companies in the mobile and indie scene are changing all expectations about the games industry and its future. -please go vote for our panel!GTAV is coming, are you ready?Carolyn took part in a bit of an Ask me Anything style Q&A today after our GTAV review was posted. If you missed out don't worry, we'll be having another sit down with Carolyn later this week onGameSpots Redditpage.GameSpot is on Tumblr!Just in case you missed it, GameSpot now has aTumblraccount, we be all up in these social medias!The new site… it's almost here.Currently the due date for the new site is early October, and baring any major issues we find along the way things should be pretty classy around here. We will be having another one of our Fireside Chats this Wednesday with the ever spiffy Lark Anderson to host. Have questions about the new site? Ask them below.Community SpotlightThis weeks GameSpot Member Spotlight shines on Stevo_the_gamer a valiant System Wars Mod.A bit about him: PC gamer first, console gamer second. Video games is one of my major hobbies. Currently studying Criminal Justice; getting a major in that, and will pursue a minor in Sociology and/or Psychology.ContestsThe rumor mill spins as Team Social plots and plans for this weeks contest. While nothing has yet been confirmed, there are whisperings' of a Grand Theft Auto V giveaway in the works. Make sure you're following us on Facebook and Twitter the the latest contest updates!That's it for today Spotters! Be sure to check back on Wednesday for our next Community News Update!

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Long live Verb, Alli, and Hazy, the triforce of moderators. 

Allicrombie moderator moderator

stevo needed that ego boost, =P

Quad Thumbs
Quad Thumbs

Gamespot this question is directed at you: How come right after every sinlge round you guys posted a ROUND RUN DOWN article shortly after the rounnd ended. Now all of the sudden it is over with a delclared winner and still several days later there still is no article.... hhmmmm somethiing smells alittle fishy with actions like that. It's is only hurting you more and more the longer you wait..... I mean come on there was 31K comments in round 6 tier alone, I think people are going to notice..

kitty moderator moderator

October can't come soon enough, I'm really curious about how the forums will look on the site.

Congrats to Stevo_the_gamer  :)