Community Digest - 2013 Is Here!

This week's community digest shares the latest happenings and gives you a chance to enter for a chance to win Europa Universalis III on the PC.

We've changed our check-ins name! How about community digest to start the new year? As always if your strapped for time check out the TLDNR section below. But if you've got time to smell the roses by all means, take a deeper look into what's been going on at GameSpot.

The Latest

Commenting System Update
There have been several new features added to the existing commenting feature. Now users have the ability to edit their comments, apply rich text formatting, and they change how notifications work. You’ll also notice Staff, Rangers, Moderators, and Game Rep icons! We’re still currently in the process of fighting for things like emoticons so be sure to share your feedback if there is something you want to see in our commenting system.

GameSpot Paid Services Ending
Last week we announced that GameSpot’s paid subscriptions services would be ending, there was a nifty FAQ that was released that helped to provide information on what this change would mean for the current subscribers as well as current members without the service.

Contest Winners, People won stuff!
December was filled with plenty of opportunities to get some awesome swag, SteelSeeries Headphones, Gunnars, Games, and Swag were all ripe for the taking! Here are the winners for the following contests:
- Doruko Game Giveaway
- Sonic Racing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
- Beat the Pros with TSquared, MRS Violence, and Team SoloMid

GameSpot Live Stream Schedule

- Daily Random Encounters with Danny O’Dwyer @ 8:00am PT
- Now Playing: Akaneiro with Kevin VanOrd (Time TBD)
- Rumor Has It: Kevin got an awesome looking box today, I think it might be swag.
NOTE: Times are subject to alteration as well as possible cancellation.

Moderator of the Month January - Verbtex!

New year means that we have a new Mod of the Month! January’s Mod of the Month went to Verbtex. An awesome member of the community who works with a level of ferocity that borders on insanity in the System Wars forums. We are all very thankful for his guidance and his vigilant efforts to help keep the battlefield alive.

Tip of the Week

We’re sure you follow every one of our Community announcements, and for that we love you. But in the event you missed this little gem about sprucing up your profiles, you should check out these 10 New Years Interweb tips. Everything from tips about security to signing up for new features!


We've got not one, but TWO copies of Europa Universalis III Chronicles for the PC to give away. You don't have to do anything too fancy to be in the running, simply answer this question:
"As the player you guide your nation to greatness in the fields of diplomacy, trade, politics, exploration, religion, culture, and warfare. In what year does this game take place?"
Put your answer in the comments section below, those who answer correctly will be entered in a drawing for a copy of the game!


Time for this weeks top 5 things you should check out that has to do with the awesome GameSpot Community!

1) Commenting System Update
2) GameSpot Paid Services Ending
3) GameSpot Versus Beat the Pros Winners!
4) New Years Interwebs Checklist
5) New Volunteers Incoming TBA

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Bah: Kevin gets all the good stuff!


Original starts 1453 and goes to the year 1789. With the additional expansions, starts 1399 and ends 1821.


I don't quite understand the contest question, but here's my answer:

The game allows you to start from any point in time between years 1399 and 1821. 

Besides the contest, for which i am here, the shows seem interesting. Hope i catch them on time.  Better to watch them live, more exciting that way.