Community Check In: Winners Galore!

Today's Check In is all about contest winners, live stream info, and more! We're also giving away copies of the Mass Effect 3 trilogy for the X360!

What’s Up?

Dishonored Tales - Creative Writing Contest
Only a week left to submit your entries for our creative writing contest for Dishonored. Your stories can feature the characters and lore encountered within the game or be twisted to suit the chronicle. For more details on this contest, check out the official contest page. Contest ends November 16th!

Halo 4 X360 WINNER
The week we gave away a limited edition Halo 4 console, with a customized case, controllers and well as a copy of the game to the GameSpotter who could answer this question: “What were the two names Chris Watters assigns to the giant glowing orbs in the Halo 4 Gunshow?"
The Answer: The Galaxy's Biggest Ball bearing and The Tremendous Alien Pinball From Beyond the Moon.
Congrats goes to Pablo V. from Melbourne Florida!

Assassins Creed 3 Limited Edition
This week we gave away a limited edition copy of Assassin's Creed 3 for the X360. This copy of AC3 includes a stunning Assassin statue featuring Connor poised to strike, an embroidered colonial flag, and various other goodie went to the GameSpotter who answered this trivia question: “What tasty snack does Shaun McInnis think the game uses to bait innocent animals?"
The Answer: Cheetos!
Congrats goes to Stephen S. from Huntsfille, AL

Halo 4 Beat the Pro Winners!
Friday GameSpotters took on Tsquared and some of his pro buddies at Halo 4 for a chance to win Steelseries Siberia V/2 headsets or a pair of gaming gunners, who came on top? Well of course the pros but Perfection Owns, Pixilized, Gnocidal, and xxoneshotdropxx gave them one hell of a fight! Congrats guys, the swag is yours!

Introducing: GameSpot TV, new video hub!
We've updated the way you find videos on our video hub! Read more.

Black Friday’s on GameSpot
Black Friday is our new live show where we have teamed up with Amazon to find some killer deals and pass the savings onto GameSpotters. What will this week’s bargain be? Be sure to check into the community news on Friday to find out!

Live Stream Schedule

Monday 12th: Black Ops Midnight Multiplayer Madness!
Friday 16th: Mickey Mouse - Celebrating the mouse before the release of Epic Mickey 2.
Friday 16th: Beat the Pros - Call of Duty Black Ops with Mrs Violence @ 4:00pm PST.
Saturday 18th: RUMOR ALERT! Possible Wii U coverage? More details to come.

GameSpotter Reviewer Spotlight

This week's featured GameSpot reviewer is newkillerstar27 for his review of Assassin's Creed 3 for the PS3. newkillerstar27 gave the game a 6.5 saying that … "While the change of scenery is very much welcome, AC3 suffers from what dragged the previous games in the series down." You can check out his full review here.

User Reward Challenge

User Reward Challenges! In addition to the automatic points you get for your profile when you use the site, you can earn some bonus points this week by participating in the following activities:
- 200 XP -- Comment on Chalk Talk: War, what is it good for?
- 300 XP -- Review Halo 4
- 300 XP -- Review LittleBigPlanet Karting
- 1000 XP - Write for this weeks Chalk Talk: The Great Circuit of Life?

This Week on Chalk Talk…

Last Friday on Chalk Talk we discussed War Games, asking Gamespotters if military shooters are unjust portrayals of tragic and gruesome events? Or no big deal and simply another genre of games? With the Wii U's release date on the horizon, whispers of release dates from others have grown louder and steadily more convincing. But despite these exciting new rumors one can't help but ask, do we really even need a new console? While in the past one could argue that new hardware did fundamentally change our gaming experience it would seem that we've grown accustomed to such leaps. To participate in this weeks Chalk Talk check out the full details here

Tip of the Week

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Trivia Activity!

It’s Trivia Time! Put your answer in the comments below to be entered in a chance to win a copy of the Mass Effect trilogy for the X360.
True or False: In the first Mass Effect game Pluto is considered an "ice dwarf"

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False in the first Mass Effect game it is considered a planet. It is referenced as a ice dwarf in Mass Effect 2. I love mass Effect :)


False, the game was completed before the planet was put down a peg, but I'll always consider Pluto a planet. You can't mess with all those years of education brainwashing!


False. Pluto didn't get labeled an Ice Dwarf until Mass Effect 2.


I say true, for Pluto!




I'll try and finish my short story this week and enter the writing competition. It's rather short, just haven't gotten around to it yet.




Anyways, can't believe GS is holding a creative writing competition on Dishonored! I'm somewhat disappointed because I want to participate but I've not played the game yet :(



Congrats on the winners! Ya lucky individuals :P


Pluto was considered the 9th planet if the first Mass Effect title

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

 @fend_oblivion But you don't have to have played the game, check out the creepy 3 part mini series (don't worry there aren't any spoilers in there) and then write a creepy story with a similar tone ;) 


 @Synthia There's only 2 days left  T__T


I don't think two days will suffice for me. Oh, well. Next time I guess.


Hope you guys put up a Batman Creative Writing competition (when the Armored Edition comes out for the Wii U). I have just the right story for that one! ;)

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

 @fend_oblivion The deadline was extended to the 23rd if you still wanna give it a go ;)