Community Check In - Turkey Hangover

Today we're giving away Magicka to our friendly GSPN Steam members, we also have news on the site and a sorely needed maintenance, BwC, and more.

TLDNR Community’s Top 5

Hey there TLDNR fans! Time for this weeks top 5 list of things you should check out here on GameSpot this week in the community!
- GameSpot is going OFFLINE?!?
- GSPN Join up, share it, get stuff!
- GSPN: Things keep happening!
- Sonic Racing Transformed Alternate Cover Art Contest
- League of Legends Holiday Parade

What’s Up

Well not quite, as many of you are painfully aware, the forums have been riddled with bonk errors right and left. Well the time has come and these issues are being addressed. The GameSpot forums will be going down for 24 hours on Tuesday November 27th. For the full story on what is happening and how long the outage will last check out this video featuring Simon and Ranando.

League of Legends Holiday Parade!
Are you a fan of League of Legends? Do you like free swag? Do you think you have the crazy skills it takes to beat skilled LoL players? How about the silvered tongue it takes to articulately covey the greater art to the game? Or what about Trivia about your favorite maps, champions, and items? Be sure to check out next Mondays Community News for our League of Legends Holiday Parade!

GameSpot Live Stream Schedule

Nov 27th - Black Ops II with Chris Watters @ *TBD
Nov 29th - PlanetSide 2 Now Playing with Kevin VanOrd @ 2:00pm PST.
Nov 30th - Dota Diaries & AU Beta Key Giveaway
Rumor Has It: There is a bit of a rumor around the office that the GameSpot AU team will have a special little now playing on November 27th, still awaiting a response to confirm said rumor.

GameSpot Players Network

GSPN Steam Community and Magicka Giveaway!
What kind of feature would the GameSpot Players Network be if we weren't incorporating one of the largest and amazing communities for gaming? That’s right, it would be poop. So we started the GSPN Steam Community. So go on and sign up! We’ll also be awarding profile points to new GSPN Steam group members, simply comment below on what your steam handle is to get your profile points. Need a better reason? We’ll be raffling off a steam code for Magicka to one lucky GameSpotter who shares his Steam tag in the comments below!

GSPN has eaten Community Game Night
Yes, it’s true. The GameSpot Players Network has absorbed the old GameSpot Community page like a gelatinous cube does to so many adventurers. But here’s the good news, this is all simply part of the Master Plan to help get GameSpotters gaming together again. For the full details on what all this means you can check out JodyR’s post about it here.

Contests and Activities

Sonic Racing Transformed Art Cover Contest!
Attention Sonic Fans! We’re having an image altering contest giving users a chance to transform the cover art from Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. All you have to do is take the original box art cover design and alter it. Your art alter can be a drawing, painting, graphic art or even a collage. For the full list of rules and details and to sound off that you plan to enter check out this page here.

Mass Effect Trilogy Winners
We were giving away a few copies of the Mass Effect Trilogy to a few lucky GameSpotters, who ended up winning? You can check this video to find out!

User Reward Challenges
User Reward Challenges! In addition to the automatic points you get for your profile when you use the site, you can earn some bonus points this week by participating in the following activities:
- 1000 XP Review Persona 4 Golden
- 1000 XP Review Super Mario Bros. U
- 3000 XP Submit an entry for Chalk Talk: Into the Looking Glass
- 3000 XP Share your Steam ID and Sign up in the GSPN Steam Group
- 5000 XPEnter in the Sonic Racing Transformed Art Contest

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