Community Check-In: Reward Challenges & More!

This week we have news about our new channel, team/guild recruitment changes, Halloween Activities, user reward challenges, and more!

What’s Up?

GameSpot caught the reddit bug!
We know that some of you use Facebook or Twitter for interaction, but some of you have said you love using Reddit. That gave us the idea to create a subreddit channel for such needs. if you happen to have any cool game related links or images go ahead and share them on our new subreddit channel at to see what others think about the topic. Perhaps you have a top 5 System Wars discussions that others should know about. Whatever the case, we’re interested in seeing what you all want to share in the new channel.

Halloween Activities Reminder
This year we have a enough Halloween activities to spook you with! If you’re big into carving pumpkins, share your photo! If you’re big into challenges, find some screenshots based on our Scavenger list or participate in a Zombie guessing game. We even have a contest to dress up Claptrap for a chance to receive your own claptrap figure!

Team and Guild Rule Changes
We noticed that there really is no place for any of you to find teams or recruit new teammates so we've revisited the rules in the Union and Teams forums recent. Drop by the forum rules for the scoop.

Incoming! Assassin’s Creed Video Series
This month we decided to bring on a variety of Assassin’s Creed videos, so if you’re a fan or maybe you want to get to know more about the series, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Assassin's Creed Revelations Parts 1-5 happening this week. We also plan to share Desmond's Story from each game, and share highlights from Assassin's Creed 1 & 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed Revelations all before the end of the month.

User Reward Challenge

This week we have a review challenge extravaganza. We’d like to feature reviewers every Monday with the latest game release information so it’s time for you to get some bonus points for writing one! If you’re in fear of formatting issues, a known user reviews bug, just post it in your blog for the time being.

200 points - Write a review for XCOM Enemy Unknown
200 points - Write a review for Dishonored
200 points - Write a review for Ravaged
200 points - Write a review for Doom 3 BFG Edition
750 points - Participate in the Dead or Alive 5 Collector's edition contest

This Week on Chalk Talk…

Last week on Chalk Talk we discuss downloadable content. Is DLC the best way to add value to your games? GameSpot members tell us like it is. Also, this week’s Chalk Talk’s assignment gives you a chance to share your thoughts about the impact our culture has on various aspects of society, the demographics that it encompasses, the social and anti-social implications, the rise of subcultures and the sphere of influence that gaming has created for non-gaming cultures. Drop by to get some inspiration or share that you’re interested in writing about this topic

Tip of the Week: 5 Technical Workarounds

Technical issues surface every now and then lately, but we’re here to see if we can help out with the frequent issues, and ways to get around them.

1) Bonk or Oops errors: We understand how hazardous this can be to your experience but until our site gets rebuilt, we need to endure them a bit longer. The best thing we've done so far is simply inhale and exhale to calm our nerves, refresh just once. If it happens again on that same page, drop by the technical support forum and share the url where you encountered it. You can even vent! We completely understand.

2) Changing your setting does not stick. This is a known problem that isn't completely clear on why it happens, but because there are two settings to change your information, it is best to change your settings through until we can resolve the problem.

3)profile image issues: We’re noticing that another bug has surfaced with the profiles images, and until this gets resolved, we suggest uploading your images via a third party site like photobucket.

4) User review formatting issues have been causing some of you not to post your reviews. We have an engineer looking into it now so it should be fixed very soon. However, if it bothers you too much, you may want to use your blog space to post a review. This way you can add images and screenshots of your choice. However, you’ll always want to mirror your review under the reviews section to gain additional exposure to your work on the game pages.

5) Lastly, game updates. This has been a frequent request to resolve soon, but until this happens, you’re better off visiting the myfeed section located here.

We hope these tips helped you out this week, and we look forward to resolving majority of these issues soon.

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How does one submit or mark reviews for the User Reward Challenge?


I'm glad that you guys are working on the user review formatting issue. This is one of the main features that I like to use on this website.