Community Check In: Oh, hello again!

Checking back in after the mayhem of E3 for some community news and updates.


Things are finally settling back into place and we will once again be bringing community members tips, tricks, geeky gimmies, blogs, videos, and more. But since it's been a while lets dive right in with these community announcements and teasers.

There will be no On the Spot or Quoted for Truth this week, however do not despair. Both of these shows will be returning to their regularly scheduled time slot next week.

Live Show Schedule

This week on Now Playing:
Battle Field 3: Close Quarters
- Wednesday, June 20th @ 11:00am PT
Smashmuck Champions
- Thursday, June 21st @ 11:00am PT
Endless Space
- Friday, June 22nd @ 11:00am PT
You can tune into these streams right here on GameSpot, or if you’re interested in chatting it up check out our Twitch and Youtube channels.

Coming Soon… Comic-Con 2012

It’s coming… Soon GameSpot will be surrounded by cosplay, comics, and of course video games. And as always we’ll be there to help cover it all. Last year, we had plenty to offer for Comic-Con coverage, as well as activities and even community events, and this year will be no different. During Comic-Con you will see a return of activities involving cosplay, costumes, and even bingo. Information on this and more will be revealed at a later point in time.

Coming Soon… Breakfast With Community

Jody and Synthia have decided to continue with their updates of the current events of community happenings. Raw and uncut footage of them sharing details of inner office toils, answering your questions, as well as of course discussing games will be just a few of the things that will be talked about on Breakfast with Community.

Tournament TV

Our last Tournament TV was rather awesome and luckily another one is right around the corner. And of course, if you are in the area and would like to participate simply send an email to with the subject "Tournament TV". We'll have more on this upcoming event in a future update.

Bonus Item

As a way to say thank you, here’s a video of the Super Mario Bros Bank. Made by the awesome people at AwkwardSpaceship.

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Watched "breakfast With Community", wish I had a Claptrap, looked pretty cool. I would rather the videos be here on Gamespot though, if you're logged-in on YouTube, Google tracks you to death.

Allicrombie moderator moderator

haha that super mario bros bank was cute.


Endless space! Really interested in seeing more of that one.


Gah! I'm going to miss Endless Space! I'm not usually one for space games, but that one looks very interesting and hasn't received much coverage on Gamespot.


I can't believe Comic-Con 2012 is already approaching...Didn't we just have that a few weeks ago? I look forward to more blogs, but I wish I could follow the Community Blog itself to get the update straight from Fuse.


I had never heard of this before today