Community Check In: Octoberfest

Today on Community Check In we talk about technical modifications, enhancements as well as updates to known issues. We also check out Chalk Talk!

What’s Up?

Restoring profile images announcement
GameSpot was doing a little bit of moving around over the past few weeks, and with any major move, things can sometimes get shuffled, broken and possibly lost. We’re sure that many of you have noticed some oddities happening with various user uploaded images for banners, signatures, and event profile pictures. Many have already been returned to profiles and rest assured the rest should be restored eventually. We appreciate your patience during this time and if there are any additional complications there will be a technical announcement made in this forum here.

Return of GameSpot calendar?
A bit of a rumor around the office is the return of the GameSpot calendar. For those of you who don’t remember or have simply forgotten, the calendar was a nifty module located smack dab on the front page of GameSpot that would share the dates and times of various live streams and events! We were all sad to see it go and many of us are excited about the whisperings of its return. Be sure to stay tuned to the Community News for more updates.

Mod of the month and ranger of the month
We have amazing volunteers that are constantly putting forth great efforts on the site, this month we’re going to shine a spotlight on our Moderator of the Month as well as our Ranger of the Month, AdobeArtist and michaelP4!

Live Stream Schedule

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta World Premiere Event
Do you live in San Francisco (or in the Bay Area?), are you a big fan of the Medal of Honor series? Well GameSpot is offering users the chance to be among the first to play the game as well as a chance to play against the QA Testers for Medal of Honor. If you’re able to get to our San Francisco offices be sure to drop by our events page here and sign up! Not able to show up? Well no problem, thanks to modern day technology you’ll be able to watch the event live from your home!

Member Spotlights

Here’s your chance to be in the spotlight every week for everything from game reviews, forum contributions, player of the week, and even fusing!

Forum Poster: bnarmzFor posting this awesome little thread in Off Topic asking what the next superhero flick should be.

User Review: SickDip55 For his awesome review of DayZ, the “Incredible and intense mod of a game that will leave you glued for hours on end".

Fuse Poster: SuperMassive20 Is being featured because of all of the awesome posts he has been making to share his Eurogamer Expo experience.

This weeks chalk talk assignment: Achievement Unlocked

In game Achievements, something that simultaneously holds a great amount of pride and bile in the gaming community. Some games hold true to insuring that an achievement earned is one that took effort to do, while other games give you achievements for simply pressing play. Are they a complete waste of time? Do gamers really care about the number of achievements unlocked? Or do they help to establish a sense of value to the time you've put into a game, and possibly add depth to your gaming experience? Special Thanks to GameSpotter Jbul for helping to inspire this weeks Chalk Talk topic! Mark your blog as editorial and to sound off in the roll call thread here with your awesome Chalk Talk entry Roll-Call.

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JodyR moderator

No user rewards this week. Sorry guys and gals


Thanks Syn. And yeah, it'd be nice to see the calendar back.


Omg, give me the calendar back, been harping to have that thing back for what feels like at least 6 months... Don't know why we ever got rid of it!