Community Check In: Making Mischief

This weeks check in we have community activities, featured reviewer of the week, and an awesome contest for Dishonored with a chance to win the game!

What’s Up?

Mischievously Dishonored

October 30th is Mischief Night, a time to play pranks and tell spooky stories as we ready ourselves for Halloween fun. Tomorrow in the Competitions and Activities board we will be announcing our Dishonored Tales Contest, for a chance to win a signed copy of the game as well as a mischievous bonus goodie.

Last Chance For Halloween Activities!
Halloween is right around the corner, if you haven’t gotten what you need now you might run the risk of passing out raisins and dressing up as a hobo! Also you only have a few days left to participate in the GameSpot Halloween Activities for a chance at the nifty new pumpkin emblem!

Winner of DoA Breast Cancer Awareness Contest
At the beginning of the month GameSpot Community Manager Synthia wrote a little blog to help raise breast cancer awareness, offering up to those who created inspired Dead or Alive themed wallpapers a chance at a collectors edition copy of the game. The winner of the contest…. tmaclabi! All wallpapers will be added to a feature page and updated in Wednesday's Social Share.

Winners for the Rage of Bahamut Contests
Last September we ran a trio of contests for the hit free to play iOS card game “Rage of Bahamut". The winners of the contests would each receive a iTunes gift card to purchase a pouch of Rage Metals (1100 to be exact). Congrats to the following GameSpotters:
Rage of Bahamut Review Contest - kaboose7
Rage of Bahamut Raffle Reward - drsla
Rage of Bahamut Fan Art Contest - TBSniipez

Live Stream Schedule

Time to take a look at this weeks live streams! No time displayed? Be sure to subscribe to to stay in the loop for all of GameSpots live streams.
- Tuesday October 30th - Assassins Creed III with Kevin Van Ord
- Thursday November 1st - Halo 4 with T-Squared

GameSpotter Reviewer Spotlight

This weeks featured reviewer is king_quaps for his review of Dishonored for the PS3. king_quaps gave the game a 7.5, calling it “Disappointing… Not the instant classic it could have been." Do you agree with what he has to say? Comment below WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

User Reward Challenge

This weeks activities! As always, in addition to the automatic points you’ll get to your profile when you use the site you can earn some bonus points this week by participating in the following activities:
- 200 XP -- Comment on Chalk Talk: Gamers vs Gaming Culture
- 300 XP -- Write a review for Medal of Honor: Warfighter
- 300 XP -- Write a review for Unfinished Swan
- 1000 XP -- Write for this weeks Chalk Talk: Play like a girl.

This Week on Chalk Talk…

Last week on Chalk Talk we discussed Gamers vs Gaming Culture, asking GameSpotters what they felt that we as gamers have done to contribute to something that we all clearly have a passion for. We had some great topics discussed including social gaming, the anti-social gamer, and gaming acceptance by the “norm". This week on Chalk Talk topic is “Play like a girl" where we’ll look at females in gaming, how they are personified, as well as their role in the community.

Tip of the Week:

Did you know your blogs can be featured on GameSpots front page? It’s true! Chalk Talkers and Awesome Bloggers have started showing up from out of the woodworks helping the community to grow and thrive.
This weeks tip comes from -Saigo-
with some helpful tips on how to accurately define an editorial piece.

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Wow i won the doa 5 contest yay! Thanks a lot Synthia!