Community Check In: Happy Comic Book Day!

This weeks we talk about our developer round table with the folks from Halo 4 and Resident Evil 6 and a chance to win your very own ClapTrap.

What’s Up?

GameSpot Wants You! Job Opportunity
Ever sit back and think to yourself, man I wish I could with that Kevin guy, he’s super keen. Well now’s your chance! Game spot is currently seeking “talented and motivated individuals" to come play with us in our San Francisco office. We are currently looking for a senior Operations Engineer, and if you think you might fit the perfect build than click away here!

Ranger Tryouts!
GameSpot is looking for a few more talented volunteers to join the Ranger team! Do you like helping on twitch? Are you a savvy forums fiend? Do you know your way around Fuse? Then it sounds like joining the GameSpot ranger team is the perfect thing for you! To apply simply PM Synthia with a brief explanation of how long you’ve been on the site and why you think you would make a good Ranger. Good luck!

Borderlands 2 contest! Win your very own CL4P-TP unit!
Calling all Vault Hunters! Is there something missing from your experiences on Pandora? Are Spider ants and Creepers not quite annoying enough for you? Perhaps you need something more as you pursue Handsome Jack, perhaps you need your very own Clap Trap! Click here for more details.

GameSpot’s XBL app due in October
It’s no trick but it is certainly a treat for XBL members! Coming October 9th GameSpot will finally have their app go live!

Live Stream Schedule

Rumor has it around the office is that there will be two awesome GameSpot developer round tables featuring Resident Evil 6 and Halo 4. On Wednesday at 11:00am PT Kevin will be sitting down with members of the Resident Evil 6 developers and will be taking your questions via the GameSpot comments page as well as on twitch. As for the Halo stream, things are still a bit top secret on the nitty gritty details but we do know that there might be some nifty swag involved.

User Reward Challenge

This weeks activities! As always, in addition to the automatic points you’ll get to your profile when you use the site you can earn some bonus points this week by participating in the following activities:
- 100 XP - Comment on Chalk Talk: Rated M for Murder
- 200 XP - Create an editorial blog for Chalk Talk: Big in Japan
- 300 XP - Submit a question for the Resident Evil 6 live stream
- 1000 XP - Join the GameSpot Players Network
- 3000 XP - Create your own custom Clap Trap!

Member Spotlights

Here’s your chance to be in the spotlight every week for everything from game reviews, forum contributions, player of the week, and even fuzing!

Forum Poster: Jonwh18
Started this interesting little topic in our Site Enhancements board about wanting to start up a new activity in System Wars, perhaps if he gets enough support we could hope to see something like this implemented.
User Review: PeterDuck
Stretches his literary technique in his PC review for Borderlands 2, well thought out points and a cleaver critique, you should give it a read.

Fuse Poster: Toplinkar
We picked this gamer for sharing this awesome little tip about Sonic and few creepy things that happen if you enter the right combo.
Comment Poster: Slinqy
We picked this user for his interesting points on Desmonds story line (or lack there of). "Yeah. Seems strange. We know virtually nothing about Desmond in ACIII. And this is supposed to be the conclusion of his story? They're either playing the cards very close to the chest or they're not telling us something."
Player of the Week: BloodMist
This GameSpotter is a shockingly good Borderlands player and has recently unlocked 1.21 Gigawatts, Pandora-dog Millionaire, and he Discovered Sledge’s Safe House.

This Week on Chalk Talk…

This weeks Chalk Talk in honor of the Tokyo Game Show we will be focusing on the contributions of Japanese developers. How have their works helped to mold the games we play. Perhaps you will want to write on how Japanese console game development has been slipping over the years? Be sure to mark your blog as editorial and to sound off in this roll call thread here with your awesome Chalk Talk entry! Deadline to post a link to your Chalk Talk Submission is FRIDAY September 28st at 10:00am PT

Tip of the Week: Contest Alert!

Did you know that you can receive a private message alert every time there is a contest or activity on GameSpot? Just head over to the “Spirit of Competition" announcement here and post a comment saying “Game On!" it’s that simple!

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.

I've never seen this blog before. :o How much did I miss?! Thanks for the mention @Synthia. :)


Have to keep an eye on that CL4P-TP thing.


Incidentally, I was just reading that a bacon shortage is inevitable, which was some odd news indeed, but something that I'm thinking might make sense to pass along here...


Good thing i already sent a question for Resident Evil 6, working for GameSpot, that would be a dream come true :)

crimsonbrute moderator

 @gmax I heard about the bacon shortage. I'm already stockpiling in preparation. My precious bacon...... precious...!