Community Check in: Happy Columbus Day

New User Rewards, Contests, and activities in todays Community Check In. Also Colombus Day Hyjinx's abound as we prank Chris Watters who clearly has no flag.

What’s Up?

Soapbox transforms to Awesome Blogs Feature
After over a year the wait is finally over and the GameSpot Soapbox has finally made a triumphant return to the front page, however the old girl has changed a little bit. We now call it “Awesome User Blogs" (or AUB’s for short). Those who have the Awesome User Emblem will be featured prominently on the front page of GameSpot for all to see (so long as their blog is marked as editorial. For a more detailed explination of this event, you can find the full story here.

Website Technical Issues Log
if you encounter any problems with the site drop by to read the latest technical issues listed in the Technical Support forum.

24 Hour Marathon on October 24
Lads and Ladies, Danny O’ Dwyer will be streaming 24 games in 24 hours in support of the gaming charity Extra Life, the event that raises funds for the Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals around the world. More details about Danny’s Stream will be updated on the community news as we get closer to the events date.

Medal of Honor Event - Recap
Watch the awesome replay of the GameSpot Presents Medal of Honor: Warfighter stream, where 4 teams fought it out for a set of amazing Astro headsets. Who were they competing against? why none other than the ferocious Medal of Honor Q&A team. Check to see who won in this knock out drag down match!

Live Stream Schedule

World Zombie Day Gaming Marathon, Oct. 12th - Details to come.

Member Spotlights

Forum Poster: XVision84 today he posted this interesting little thread in System Wars asking what exactly is so special about Valves’s games.

User Review: flamingfighter his awesome review of Resident Evil 6 saying "Even though I like it, this game isn't for everyone. Rent it first to see if it is your taste before deciding".

Fuse Poster: matastig Is being featured for spreading the word about the possible Resident Evil 2 remake (if there’s the support).

Player of the week: DITHRICH Someone clearly has some Call of Duty skills, check out his list of achievements!

This Week on Chalk Talk…

This weeks Chalk Talk we took on in game achievements, asking GameSpotters how they felt about what they added to the game, and their effect on gamers as a whole.

Tip of the Week: XBL Set to go LIVE Tuesday

Good news everyone! GameSpots X360 app is set to go live tomorrow (that’s Tuesday October 9th). Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section for a boost to profile points. Some of you might even recognize a few certain amazing GameSpot Staff avatars posing for the app. The Xbox Live app aka GameSpot TV. Here you’ll be able to find all the gaming reviews, trailers, previews and other event coverage you hold dear on your Xbox Live

Bonus Item!

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Lucky ones that have an XBox 360 it looks cool.


Gamespot App! How did I not hear of this beautiful thing, can't wait to try it out!