Community Check-In: E3 is Coming

The GameSpot community gets itself ready for E3.

E3 Events, Competitions & Activities: Coming to a Community Near You.

As if watching all of our content wasn't enough, we'll be having a ton of community activities for you GameSpotters this year during E3. Be sure to tune into this weeks report for full details on what to expect. And don't worry, there will be something for just about everyone. Have any questions about this years E3 at GameSpot? GameSpot Staff members want to know what you want to see. Something you want to hear about? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Noobz Super Secret Pre Screen

The movie "noobz" is a story about four friends on a road trip to LA for a chance to compete in the "CyberBowl Championships". For your chance to be invited to a red carpet premiere of the film, hang out with GameSpot Staff members and a chance to meet the stars of the film, actors like Jason Mewes. Are you going to be in Los Angeles, California during E3? Want a ticket? GameSpot has 20 golden tickets available for this excusive screening. To get yours, simply head over to their event page here. This is an invite only event and you will not be able to get in without a ticket. You can find more details about the event and the film here.

Tournament TV - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Congrats GameSpotters! This week you'll be able to experience the triumphant return of Tournament TV, the live webcast where you'll get to witness a team of gamers battle it out for prizes and glory. We'll be kicking things off by playing a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The last time we did one of these was back in 2008, if your not familiar with the awesomeness of Tournament TV then feel free to check it out.

Video Game History Month: The Legend of Zelda

This week we'll be joining Tom McShea on the magical journey through Hyrule in an attempt to save, rescue, or adventure with the fabled Zelda. Be sure to tune into our Legend of Zelda Marathon starting at 11:00am PT. You can join us in the chat on Twitter and Youtube, and of course right here on GameSpot.


Diablo 3 Parody, which contains some mature and suggestive themes, you've been warned.

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We need to have better chat rooms this year. They never worked for me last year!


zelda marathon! it will take over month to finish all of zelda games!


Will there be a topic on page on what the showing times will be for E3?