Community Check-In: Clever Title is Clever

Time again for your Community Check-In!

Spring is here and you know what that means, we’re switching up the Community News format! We’ve decided to introduce a new feature into the mix known as Field Trip Friday, where Jody will be bringing to you some of the latest industry news such as events, goodies, giveaways and job opportunities. Then on Wednesdays we will be starting our "Social Share" Community News, featuring gaming highlights, here you'll also find user blogs, reviews, art, videos, podcasts and anything else that you guys cook up, so be sure to check that out tomorrow. For news on how to enter in our Raffle Rewards program for a chance at some gaming swag, keep scrolling to the bottom of the report.

To Do List: Community Activities and Contests

GameSpots Been Nominated
We're at it again this year, GameSpot has been nominated for a Webby, to find out how you can spread the word be sure to check back on Friday.

Mass Effect Pixel Art Contest - Wrapen it Up!
You still have time to get in your submission to the Mass Effect Pixel Art contest! Deadline is April 13th so if you haven't sent us your submission be quick about it! Once the deadline hits we’ll be posting the submissions and letting the community weigh in on which image they want to see take the cake (all Portal references will result in moderation, seriously we don’t need to go there). So be sure to check the Activities and Competitions forum for your chance to cast your vote.

GameBoard Break Up and Rebound Party Challenge
Only one more week to chat it up in the forums and be automatically entered to win our Rebound Party Challenge. Just as a reminder, everyone is invited to play for a chance at this reward and we mean EVERYONE!

PAX East(er): Let there be Swag!
This last weekend we asked you to switch your signature to include news about our PAX East coverage! To those of you who did, your names were entered in a chance to win some nifty swag from the PAX show floor. Who won? Drum Roll please……. DALGER21! Congrats and thanks for taking the time to spread the word about PAX East. Well be doing more of these as the events season kicks into high gear so be sure to check out the Activities and Competitions board. Additionally, anyone who switched their signature should now change it back to the appropriate signature.

GameSpot Coverage

GameSpot @ PAX East
Over the weekend GameSpot was over in the great bean state of Boston to cover PAX East(er). As you can see there was quite a bit to check out, news on Minecraft, Torchlight II, GameSpots MLG Heartthrob Kelly Kelly, and of course no PAX would be complete without a little bit of Indie Game coverage.

Prototype 2 Awesome Exclusive Trailers
Looks like GameSpot will be showing off some exclusive Prototype 2 trailers. We will be releasing trailer after trailer after trailer up until the games release(April 24th)! We've already shown off the first of many trailers "Kicking Ass #1" be sure to track Prototype 2 to stay up to speed.

Now Playing: The Witcher 2- Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition
This weeks Now Playing we'll be showing off The Witcher 2 on the X360 (set to release on April 17th). And sure we could turn this episode into a long debate about graphics and the comparison between the two but this Now Playing should be so much more than that! In addition to the claims of "No Quality Compromise" The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition also promises all previous improvements and DLCs , new cinematic's and cutscenes, new characters, locations, user interface, adventures and more! This isn't just some HD remake, this is enhanced!

On the Spot Teaser - Rumor Has It
GameSpot Community Managers risk life and limb to share what's going on this weeks eposide of On the Spot. Looks like this there are going to be a few awesome features, a live demo of The Walking Dead, a demo of "Fez" (rumored to be spoiler free) as well as Infinity Blade 2 with a special GameSpot exclusive announcement that you won't want to miss. As always, we'll be taking your questions in the comments, the chat room, on Youtube and on TwitchTV. Before being caught by the video team we managed to snag this image:

Rumor has it this GameSpot fight stick set up is related in some way to this weeks On the Spot prize. What could it be? Well you'll have to tune in to find out!

Video Game Forecast

This weeks gaming forecast we have a downpour of fighting games with a light drizzle of puzzlers. As you can see, Tuesday we'll be experiencing a Phantom Breaker (X360)
Storm, as you can see it is about a mysterious organization known as Phantom which pits players against each other. What’s the prize? the winner of the tournament will have their wish granted. Moving on to Wednesday the light drizzle of Fighting Games turns into a downpour with Skullgirls hitting XBLA and PSN hard, better grab your umbrellas' those hand drawn high rez frames are a doozy. We'll see a slight break with Max Payne Mobile (sorry Android, you'll get your chance later). And then lastly Friday grab your Fez 'cause there's nothing but sunshine in this brightly rendered 2D world. For more information on this weeks releases you can check out our Extended Forecast here..

Introducing: Raffle Rewards!

GameSpot community is introducing a new activity to our Monday Check-In, the "Raffle Reward" program. But I'm sure you're all just wondering how you can get your mits on some super easy and awesome swag, right? Here's how to play the game, its super simple. Simply finish the sentence in the comments section below, seriously… that's it. There is however, one catch. To unlock the prize there must be at least 50 entries to unlock the prize.

So according to today’s reports you guys are super excited about Xenoblade Chronicles, and heck why wouldn’t you! It’s a Superb game (literally… it got a 9.0) so this week we’ve decided that we’ll be giving away a copy.
Let the game begin: Finish the following sentence in the comments below:

"We'd appreciate it if the supporting actors would just ________"

Fave Find

This weeks Fave Find is this awesome Skyrim inspired music video. One voice, One Violin, can you say Fus Ro D-AWESOME!

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