Coke brands Wipeout Pure in Japan

Japanese owners of the PSP racer will be able to download courses and cars based on the world's most recognized soft drink.

TOKYO--Wipeout Pure owners in Japan will soon be able to play a Coke-fueled racing experience. The Coca-Cola Company and Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that they are collaborating and launching a special promotional Japanese Web site that will let users download Coke-themed content for the PSP racing game.

The downloads will be updated on a weekly basis, beginning August 11 and running through October 27. Users will ultimately be able to attain two new courses, two cars, one SE set, and five menu graphics, all with Coca-Cola-themed designs. Wipeout Pure owners will be able to acquire the content by logging into the official Japanese Web site via the PSP's wireless connection and entering a code obtained from the promotional Coca-Cola site.

This is the second time Coca-Cola has collaborated with Sony to stamp their brand on a PSP game. The two companies launched a campaign earlier this year in which Coke drinkers could send in proofs-of-purchase to win a limited edition Coke-themed PSP and a special ad-riddled copy of Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee.

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