ClaDun x2 raids PSN August 30

Date for upcoming retro RPG sequel set for PSP; features weapon-drawing and a create-background-music tool.

While the North American release dates for the rest of Nippon Ichi's titles have been announced, the sequel to ClaDun only had a release month announced. Recently, NIS America locked down an exact date, stating that ClaDun x2 will be downloadable in English on August 30.

Go dungeon crawling yet again on the PSP at the end of August.

The sequel's new features include the ability to create custom weapons, armor, background music, and character expressions. In addition, the game offers five new classes, including the ranger (primarily a long-ranged fighter) and the saint (recovery spellcaster).

The retro-tailored game also features cameos from Falcom-developed titles like Adol from the Ys series, as well as Estelle and Joshua Bright from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. For more information on its predecessor, check out GameSpot's coverage on the first title.

[CORRECTION]: This article originally indicated that ClaDun x2 would receive a retail release in North America, when it will be available exclusively through PlayStation Network. GameSpot regrets the error.

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Only Playstation network!? That Garbage>(


I am so stoked for this game! This type of game reminds me of the old zelda games for SNES. The perfect blend of old and new, ClaDun is more fun then most people might think! Personally I haven't played a lot of the old school rpg games seeing as I'm only 17 but I took an immediate liking to the original ClaDun the moment I picked it up. Definitely worth giving a try, so put down your CoD, BF, Halo, GoW, etc and try something a little different!


I still have to get the first one, but I'm definetely interested. BTW The soundtrack of ClaDun is astonishing.