Civilization III update available

The latest patch for Infogrames' popular turn-based strategy game includes a number of new features, changes, and fixes.


Infogrames has released an update for Civilization III, its latest turn-based strategy game. The new patch upgrades the game to v1.16f, and it includes a wide variety of additions, changes, and fixes for the game. Some of the features added in the patch include several new options on the difficulty level tab, several new general settings, and new production options. The upgrade also changes several parts of the game, including basing the palace cost on the number of cities in a civilization, making cities slightly easier to acquire through cultural conquest, increasing the maximum number of cities in the game, and several other tweaks and balance adjustments. A complete list of the upgrade's additions, changes, and fixes is included in the downloadable file below.

Civilization III was developed by Firaxis and released near the end of October. For more information, read our full review of the game.