City of Villains adds to team

City of Heroes expansion adds writer, designer to the dev team.


Cryptic Studios has added two new members to the team behind City of Villains, the expansion to its massively multiplayer game City of Heroes. The additions are veteran game designer Dave Cook, a 2003 inductee into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame, and Shane Hensley. Cook spent 15 years working with TSR Inc., the original publisher of Dungeons & Dragons. Cook is known for designing the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Dungeon Master’s Handbook and the pen-and-paper game Planetscape. Shane Hensley is a writer who has worked at companies that include TSR, SSI, and FASA. Cook will be the game's senior designer, while Hensley becomes the game's senior writer. City of Villains remains on track for an early 2005 release date.


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