Cities XL 2012 incorporating in October

Focus Home Interactive's latest PC urban planning game to include more than 1,000 structures, 60 maps, mod-friendly features.

Cities XL 2012

Cities XL is back for another season of city-building simulation, as Focus Home Interactive today announced that Cities XL 2012 will arrive this October.

Cities XL 2012 should be more XL than ever before.

The second installment of the game developed under Focus Home Interactive, Cities XL 2012 will introduce a number of new features to the urban planning and development simulation. The publisher is emphasizing a new tutorial guide to help players get their cities started, and a more open approach to allow for modders to tweak the game to their liking. Players will also be able to erect more than 1,000 structures in their cities and build metropolises on 60 different maps.

Cities XL 2012 will debut in October, available as either a stand-alone game or a discount-priced upgrade for owners of Cities XL 2011.

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